“Merry Christmas in July”

In my last post I mentioned how amazed I was at how much the weather affects operations at the lighthouse.  Last week I was amazed yet again.  After having an abnormally cool beginning to summer, we had several days that were abnormally hot.  In fact, we had to close tours into the tower of the lighthouse because of the heat.  The top of the tower is enclosed with glass and works like a greenhouse trapping in the heat.  It was not safe for people to climb up there, let alone have one of our guest keepers stay in the tower for an extended period of time.

This last week also brought the complication of a week without guest keepers.  Generally we have two guest keepers, but the keepers who were scheduled were unable to make it to the lighthouse so we had to try to cover tours by ourselves with some help from last minute volunteers.  Because of this, I was in the lighthouse almost full time last weekend.  I love giving tours and I had a lot of fun because we have been having more families with young kids come to the lighthouse.  I love showing the kids how items like our Victrola record player work.  By the end of the day my voice was sore from talking so much, but it was a very good weekend.

Over the last couple of days, I have also been helping get ready for Christmas in July.  I helped to decorate the lighthouse and I worked our big Christmas in July ornament sale.  It is interesting the reactions people have to Christmas in July.  Some people are very excited about it, and others are confused.  We even had a couple of people who were upset because it was too early to start seeing Christmas trees.  Generally people relaxed when we explained that it was Christmas in July.  The Christmas in July ornament sale was today and went very well.  We had a tent with table set up outside the lighthouse and I worked out there all day writing up tickets for customers to take into the gift shop were they paid.  This sale allowed us to sell a lot of the ornaments that were taking up storage room in the gift shop attic and we also sold ornaments that were brought from the Lansing store.  Having events every couple of weeks really brakes up the routine of the lighthouse and makes it more fun.


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