Injuries, Illness, and Short Staff

The last two weeks at the lighthouse have been somewhat crazy.  The craziness started when a couple of our guest keepers were unable to work at the lighthouse so I ended up helping with tours more than I normally do.  Luckily, one of the former keepers was able to come and help out so we did have one keeper in the lighthouse.  When the next group of keepers came in, I was relieved thinking that things were finally going to get back to normal.  Unfortunately, half way through the week, one of the keepers got sick and had to go home, so we were short a person in the lighthouse again.  Shortly after this, one of my coworkers also became ill.  Because of all the illnesses, the staff at the lighthouse has been covering what responsibilities we can, but we have had to close tours early and last weekend we were unable to open the harbor store because we did not have enough people to run it.

In addition to all of the illnesses, I also had my first experience with someone injuring themselves in the lighthouse.  A woman hurt herself while coming down the tower steps.  Because of this injury, I am learning how to fill out the incident reports that we have for the lighthouse and have learned about how cases of injury are handled at sites owned by the State of Michigan.  It is an interesting experience, but it is unfortunate that I am learning about this because someone was injured.

I have about a week left of work at the lighthouse and then my internship will be over.  As the realization has started to set in, I am a little sad because I have enjoyed working here.  The staff of people I work with is great and I have learned a lot about working in a museum.


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