End of Summer

My summer at the lighthouse is done and I am now back in Chicago getting ready for the upcoming school year.  During my last week at the lighthouse, I spent my time working at the harbor store and in the gift shop and finishing up paperwork and the projects was working on.  I completed a list of facts and important events from 1876.  The list is going to be complied into a binder to show what was going on when the lighthouse was built.  I also finished my ideas for a history program at the lighthouse.

I learned a lot working at the lighthouse this summer.  I was surprised by how much time goes into keeping the gift shop running and how important the income is to the ability to operate the lighthouse.  It is so important that on days when the lighthouse is short of staff, lighthouse tours get shut down before the gift shop closes.  I also learned how to put up a temporary exhibit with very little money.  For example, the captions for one of the temporary exhibits I assembled were laminated with contact paper donated from a local school.  I enjoyed trying to figure out how to put up exhibits and plan activities with the items available on hand.

I had a great time interning at Tawas Point Lighthouse.  I can only hope that when I graduate I can find a position somewhere where the coworkers are as welcoming and the work is as enjoyable.


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